Joe Dysart: Tech Reporting, Editing & Talks

Joe Dysart is a journalist with 20+ years experience whose work has appeared in The New York Times, the Financial Times of London and 120+ other publications.

Joe specializes in tech trends and also contributes articles to numerous vertical market industry publications, including Genetic Engineering, the American Bar Association Journal, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, Digital Graphics, and Global Finance.

Here are some sample articles by Joe:

*500,000 Data Scientists at Your Service
by Joe Dysart

*Chasing the Ever Nimble Hacker
by Joe Dysart

*VR Trauma Surgery: Going for the Grisly
by Joe Dysart

You can find 2,500+ additional articles by Joe Dysart by Googling “Joe Dysart” in quotes

Joe is also an animated, engaging and highly organized speaker, and is regularly invited to present on tech trends to groups and organizations.

Feel free to contact Joe for your next article, project or event:

Email: joe1@joedysart.ccom
Voice: (646) 374-8507